Solutions for the Apartment

Door and Gate opening

A block of apartments always have many people going in and out, and many times outsiders like cleaning or technical personnel, or visitors. The access system should be able to filter the access by reading cards or using biometrics. It's possible to outside door or gates using this kind of system.


  • Garage Opening
  • Garden Gate
  • House Door
  • Video-Door

Control your services in the Apartment Block

Do you know how many times your apartment block was cleaned? Do you know if the technician come to make the repair, or if the gardener is still working? Our time management system for apartment block allows to save that information and send it to the administration guys, allowing to improve the services done by 3rd party.


  • Cleaning
  • Repairing
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance

Video Surveillance for the complete building

We have video-surveillance sistems adapted for apartment blocks. With this system you can record the movements that occurs in zones that needs to be secure such as garages, pool or garden access, and cross images with events like alarms or door openings.


  • Office Surveillance
  • Zone Alarm
  • People Count
  • Object Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Video Recording
  • Plate Reading
  • Remote Monitoring