Solutions for the Office

Solutions for Meeting Room

The scheduling of your meeting could not be complete without a interactive system for room management, where it's possible to visualize or even change meetings directly in each room or in near by places.


  • Informations Screens
  • Information Boards
  • Restricted Access
  • Interactive Boards
  • Room Management
  • People Localization

Touch Systems for your presentations.

A good presentation needs good interactive equipment. In our company we selected and manufacture the best equipment for your meetings. From interactive boards, having touch screens or even professional presentation software, you will find all in our solutions.


  • Interactive Boards
  • Projection Boards
  • Presentation Software
  • Projectors

Biometric Time Clock for your employees

The good work in a company and it's productivity are strongly connected to the real timetable of your employees. Our employee time products are complete solutions, flexible, and adjusted to the customer, and also very economic.


  • Time & Attendance
  • Time Reports
  • Schedule Bells
  • Messaging System

Biometric Access for your secured zones

The Access Control in a company is essencial to keep certain zones accessible only to a small group of people, and keep track of every in and out, for employees, and also for visitors. We have all kind of solution for people and vehicles including turnstiles and gates.


  • Access Control
  • Restricted Zones
  • Turnstiles
  • Gates
  • Biometric Readers
  • Card Readers
  • Face Recognition
  • Plate Reading

Video Surveillance for your office

As a factor of security, the surveillance is essencial for your office. Drakobox have simple but advanced systems with recording capabilities, capable of going a little furthermore than a local video security system.


  • Office Surveillance
  • Zone Alarm
  • People Count
  • Object Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Video Recording
  • Plate Reading
  • Remote Monitoring