Solutions for coffee shop & Restaurants

Equipment for Point of Sale

Here you will find all kind of pos equipment to use in your restaurant. From simple to elegant pos units, capable of running your business like a champion. We work with the best installers in the country and our systems are capable to run the best software in the market.


  • POS Terminals
  • Customer Displays
  • Mobile Printers
  • Waiting Lists
  • Kitchen Systems
  • Mini Computers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Punch Time Clock

Mobile Table Ordering

A restaurant with many meals need to improve the ordering system to eliminate mistakes and keep the customers happy. Our system is simple, fast and economic, and it should be the best option for your restaurant.


  • Android Terminals
  • Linux Terminals
  • Waiter Callers
  • Smart Watchers

Video Surveillance for the restaurant

As a factor of security, the surveillance is essencial for your restaurant. Drakobox have simple but advanced systems with recording capabilities, capable of going a little furthermore than a local video security system.


  • Restaurant Surveillance
  • Zone Alarm
  • People Count
  • Face Recognition
  • Video Recording
  • Remote Monitoring

Kitchen system

The kitchen in a restaurant must be efficient, and that can happen with a communication system between the table orders and the kitchen. Our system connects with the table terminals and sends the order directly to the kitchen, and can interact with the personnel to change the status of the order for a perfect management.


  • Kitchen Monitor
  • Remote Printer
  • Interactive System