Biometric Access Control Systems

We are manufacturers of biometric access devices to be used in factories, schools, or any company.

Our devices work in a network acessible by internet or GSM, capable of syncronizing all information in real time and controlling and signaling every entrances in the system.

The reading can be done using fingerprint reading or RFID, and connected directly to blocking devices like turnstiles or gates.

Punch Time Clocks

We are manufacturers and distributors of Biometric Time Clock Devices.

Our solution is available in several languages like portuguese, English, French or Spanish. Any other language could be available by request.

We try to create the most simple biometric systems, with almost zero configuration, and compatible with other software and devices.

Video Surveillance

We distribute the best IP cameras to be used everywhere.

We give more value to our products when we created a simple NVR with lot's ot characteristics only available in the most advanced systems like people detection, face recognition, zone alarms, smoke detection or even plate number reading.