Software Programming

Our company is mainly a software company, but adding more value to our products selling the solution together with the best available technology.

We may be called a VAR company.

We work mainly with entertainment and visual products, and also security products linked to biometrics.

Multimedia Development

Using the latest technology in audio and graphics, we can create the solution that you have been waiting for.

If it's a game, animation or any kind of interaction to promote your brand, we can do it for you.

Hardware Development

We are manufacturers of multimedia and security systems.

Most of our products are done for a specific customer on a project basis.

We start by getting a request and create an idea. We recommend the design and technology, and after the customer aproval we go for the prototype and also production.

We can build products in many materials like aluminum, wood or plastics for the body, and in the inside we insert our computer based technology running in linux or any other OS as requested by the customer.